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Need Reliable Backup Management Service to Safeguard online work?

At WeboDesk you will get Absolute Justification to keep your Online Work Shielded against any kind of Disasters.

For Reliable, Secure and Faster Data Access for Restoring Data during Crisis, Choose the most suitable Backup Management Services plan.

At WeboDesk, we ensure the regular Backup Monitoring of your data if you already have Backup System. Our Backup Management service plans includes provisioning of Backup Space on our Backup Servers at a Reasonable Cost, to thrash out the issues of Setting Up and Maintaining a Backup Solution. Accessibility to assured Backups with useful features such as Backup on Demand, makes you Focus on your Business, rather than Securing Data.

backup Management

Secured Backup Management Service Plans!

Features Basic
Backup Storage2TB4TB8TB
Daily Virus Monitoring/Scanning
AntiVirus Protection
Max Daily Backup1 Snapshot/day1 Snapshot/12hours1 Snapshots/6hours
Weekly Backup
Monthly Backup
Max Snapshots Storage16 Snapshots32 Snapshots64 Snapshots
Easy Backup Access
Restoration of Backup
Pay Per Month$35.00/Month$49.00/Month$69.00/Month
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Backup Management

Must Know Features of Backup Management Service!

Customer Focused

User-friendly Backup Management services inclusive of easy creation, scheduling and restoring of backup data.

Rapid Recovery

Get fast recovery of your data whenever required, as we keep on monitoring the backup process and testing Backup Integrity.

Tailor-made backup solution

With the most affordable backup management plans, the Backup Service is offered suitable to every client’s needs.

Easy Scheduling

Backup scheduling is carried on specific times or Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis, stored on our Secured Backup Servers, dwelling in top tier Datacenters with protected access.

Purpose-built Backup Servers

Our Reliable Backup Servers are provisioned with limited and protected access to ensure the complete protection of your data.

Auto Updates

Constant updates on new Backup Management services to aid remote monitoring and management of your data.

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Managed backup service by the WeboDesk, helps you put off the burden of day-to-day maintaining of data backup. We constantly Monitor Backups to filter out any problems causing problems to backup service.
Your online data is backed up automatically and safely, on the off-site backup servers, residing in the State-of-the-art Datacenter. These backup servers are regularly monitored by best trained Experts.
WeboDesk specially-trained engineers regularly handles and monitors the complete backup process. If any issues are raised, the you will be notified about it, as well the issue will be resolved by our experts, causing no hurdles to your data.