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On-demand Server Management Plan to spy your Each Pesky Server issues!

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Are you facing any issue regarding your servers?

Do you want to safeguard your servers and not able to find a solution?

Yes, you are at the Right Place. Webodesk’s Per Incident Support is especially specified to fulfill the necessity of Individual Customers and Software Development Unit. Per incident support enables you to select the right one from our team of Admins with varying skill set, skillful and experience to end the issues on incident basis.

Webodesk provides per incident support suitable for Specific Incident. Per incident support services helps to solve any kind of Technical Issues faced by the customer. Using Per Incident support, customers can easily get responses through Mail, Live Chat, Skype and other Support Modes.

Per Incident Support

Customized per incident support Plans!

Per Incident Support

Specialty of Per Incident Support!

Technical support

We provide excellent Technical Assistance regarding any issue faced. Our experts will give the perfect solutions every query.

Service Availability

We are Available 24/7 at your service. Be free to contact us whenever you are unable to find a solution for the problem. We are happy to help you.

Initial Response Time

We don't keep our customers waiting. An Auto-Response is deployed to connect to clients immediately. Get restless support and Quick response for any issue.

Universal Language

Webodesk also provides English-language Technical Support to its clients and partners which are easily understandable to the clients.

Quick solutions

Our Webodesk team provides Hassle-FREE Solutions and makes Reasonable efforts to Resolve the issues.

Time saving

Helps to save your time and manages all your Business more Effectively where you get Risk FREE Solutions.

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An incident is defined as a question relating to a specific, distinct issue and which involve several interactions with Technical Experts Former to resolution.
We do provide 24/7 Technical Assistance for any kind of issue faced like trouble shooting, FTP account settings, firewall settings. We are ready to help you anytime.
Per incident support plans enables to perform the tasks like Firewall Configuration, Server Optimization, Data Backup, Security Audits and many more.