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OpenStack is the Cloud Computing Software, managing and controlling large pool of resources like storage and network. OpenStack is mostly deployed as Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), allowing for easy addition of instances.OpenStack uses the virtual resources design and manage both public and private clouds.

OpenStack can run on platforms Linux, Windows and Bare Metals. OpenStack can be made to run as virtual instance on XEN, KVM. Linux, Windows and VMware. Distinguishable factors making OpenStack most preferred are integration of Open Cloud Computing Interface and Amazon S3 services. At WeboDesk you can gain the complete management service to manage OpenStack.

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OpenStack allows Easy Management of Cloud Computing platform for Public and Private Cloud.
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Best-In-Class Traits of OpenStack Management


OpenStack is Self-Healing service with extreme reliability and data redundant securing from failures.

Data Scaling

OpenStack facilitates the easy addition and scaling of data for efficient Data Management.

Support to Amazon Services

OpenStack supports the Amazon Web Services like S3 and EC2 for High Performance.

Non-Stop Support

WeboDesk support experts are Available 24/7 to manage and control your server.

Inbuilt Management Service

OpenStack enable Complete Management Solution inclusive of account management, container management and more.

Easy Deployment

OpenStack cloud automates the deployment of services on cloud for High Availability of services.

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