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Cater Specific Business Needs with MySQL Clustering and DNS Clustering

At WeboDesk, you will be assisted with MySQL Clustering and DNS Clustering, to cater your Specific Business Needs. Equivalent to Load Balancing with Web Farms, the load balancing with MySQL has alike Architecture and Layout. High Availability Proxy(HAProxy).

A popular Open Source Load Balance is used to Load Balance MySQL Query Transactions between Multiple Database Servers. The DNS cluster, a group of Nameservers sharing DNS records amid them, is used to manually discrete the nameservers to handle DNS Requests from webservers. The geographically spread nameserver helps you access your website hosted on the server, even though any of the nameserver is failed.

Server Clustering

Server Clustering Plans For High Availability of your Business!

Server Clustering

Ideal Features of Server Clustering!

High Redundancy

Server Clustering is the best solution to have your website functioning 24/7, without any hurdles caused to due to server failure.

Duplicate Domain Error

Trying to add the already existing domain in the cluster, then you will be notified with error message indicating DNS already exists.

Diminished Downtime

The geographically deployed servers provisions you to access your website at any time, without any downtime encountered by your website.

Improved Website Performance

As server clustering enables 24/7 Availability of your website, directly improving the efficiency and performance of your website.

Sky-High Scalability

Server clustering Plans empowers websites and applications to balance the boosted load and increase the Online Visibility.

Easy Maintenance and Management

User-friendly Methods are used to Maintain and management of clustered servers is easy to handle and Easy to Configure.

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Server Clustering is a group of independent servers, connected together to avoid non-availability of website due to the server failure. In server clustering, if any server fails then resources and the workload is redirected and distributed to another server in the cluster, to ensure constant functioning of your website.
No, multicast traffic is not too heavy to require a separate network.
The main 3 pros of server clustering are High Availability, Effortless Manageability and Affordable Scalability.