Server Forensics and Hack Recovery!

A Backbone Shield against downtime, hack and data loss!

Catch any Cyberpunk Activities with Reproducible evidences produced by Experts!

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Do you have a fear of your server getting compromised?

And you don’t want to Invest Time in Analyzing the Cause?
Worry not, Server Forensics & Hack Recovery is Solution for all your Worries.

Webodesk Professionals are trained in Hacked Server Recovery and are very Efficient in Analyzing your server. Server Forensics is our Forte.

Server Forensics is the process of Collecting Evidence to provide Proof against any Malicious Activity, Hack Attempt or other Network Uncertainties which are affecting your Business Revenue. Hack recovery allows you to Recover the Server and it’s files in the same format it was before the server was hacked.

Server Forensics & Hack Recovery

Get STATE-OF-THE-ART Server Forensics and Hack Recovery plans!

Forensics Hack Recovery

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hacked server Identification

Webodesk experts train users to maintain security of system, regular scan the server for any loopholes and keep the server Up-to-Date with Latest Softwares.


Our team of Certified Forensic Investigators will analyze websites, servers and digital media for evidence of alteration, criminal/terrorist investigations and law enforcement support.

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We, at WeboDesk, can identify the presence of malicious code, assess the damage that has been done, and establish the next steps to recovery.


Now get Logs of Each File saved on your Server. We can provide proof of purposeful attempts to hide or destroy data in a quick, confidential manner.


Tracking down the source of an investigation can involve looking at origination points for email, website access logs, computer IP address tracing and social media investigation.


Our forensic experts will prevent false evidence from being introduced by complying with current, relevant legislation. So that you can Protect potential evidence.

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Server Forensics is the process of collection of reproducible evidence to prove a fact without reasonable doubt. The main goals of forensics are the Preservation, Identification, Extraction, Documentation and Interpretation of Recovered Computer Data.
We can recover your evidence even if:
  • i. The files are deleted
  • ii. Data is hidden or hard to locate
  • iii. Data is lost due to software/hardware corruption
  • iv. Drives or the device is physically damaged by fire/water/accident etc.