Server Monitoring

Loss of Sleep? Let’s Monitor What’s Going on inside your Server.

Get Proactive Server Monitoring Service to Screen Productivity and Business Continuity.

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Are you Maintaining Big Data Online & worried about Performance?

And want to Gain Trust from your clients for Outstanding Services?

Ofcourse Yes, then its time to Take first Step towards it. WeboDesk’s Prime Server Monitoring Services are meant for providing Uninterrupted Service to your clients. Dynamic changes in servers may cause the Server to put down the performance and yields risk of loosing client’s Trust. Real-time Server Monitoring services helps you to understand the Performance Metrics induced by configuration changes in Servers, Increase in data and applying new Methods to Secure Server Acceptability.

Avoid High Estimation on System Monitoring and Administration critical aspects to be successful. WeboDesk Support team follows Pro-Active Server Monitoring Method, Get a Quick alert from our team before its critical. The Server monitoring Plans are Customized based on Requirements. Our Server Monitoring Team manually check all the alerts and takes an immediate action to Avoid very minute Fall in Performance. We also ensure the Server Performance; Disk Space, Memory Usage and Backups are Monitored and Tested Regularly.

Server Monitoring

All-in-one Infrastructural Server Monitoring Plans!

Server Monitoring

Features In Server Monitoring

  • Complete Host Monitoring.
  • Real Time Monitoring.
  • Client Web Interface.
  • Advance Graphs & Statistics.
  • Email Reporting ( Host & Services ).



Highlights of Server Monitoring!

Real-time Health Metrics

Get Quick Server Performance Metrics and Reports on Dynamic Configuration changes like CPU, Memory, Disk space, Network and Incoming Node Requests.

Peace of Mind

Reduces the Complexity and ROI by using various Tools to Monitor and Manage servers. Get 24/7 Server Monitoring Reports within blink.

Multi-Matric Monitoring

Now Monitoring Variants of Server Like Bandwidth Utilization, Network errors, CPU Loads, and Disk Usage is very simple using Single Server Monitoring Tool.

Tier-1 Remediation

Eliminate any Network hazards and Keep you Brand online always. Tier-1 Remediation includes solutions against Network related issues.

Flexible Methodology

We use a combination of standard protocols such as SNMP and ICMP Ping. And Call Level Interface (CLI) scripts as a standard protocol to make data available.

Boost Your ROI

Avoid profit-killing problems such as poor site performance or outages. Spend time on things that really matter. Grow your business instead of simply managing it.

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A perfect Solution to run a Business without ROI. Server monitoring ensures you get alerted before its out of control. Various Service Monitoring Tools and methods will be used by Support team to keep track of When your Server was down? When was resources added? What was the Network speed? Who all can access the Server and more. A complete Server Performance Metrics will be provided to take necessary actions to maintain the Business Growth.
The following services are monitored : Root Partition, Total Processes, Server Load, CSF, Free Space, MYSQL, Mail Queue, ServerTime, HTTP, Zombie Processes, Clam, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SSMTP, PING, Swap Usage.
Yes. You need to purchase Server Monitoring along with Shared Support Plans-Server/VPS/Node and Per-Ticket Plan if you need to add server monitoring service.