Virtualizor Server Management

Managing VMs is Easier with Powerful GUI Server Management.

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Virtualizor, user-friendly control panel, manages Virtual Machines.WeboDesk Virtualizor Server Management, best way to manage Virtual Machines based on OpenVZ, Xen HVM, Xen PV, Xenserver and Linux KVM Virtualizations.We will Support and Monitor Server Management, Server Logs, Hardware Node, Server Security, Backup Restoration, Migration from VPS to VPS and whole lot more aspects.

Virtualizor, retains a powerful GUI with help of which, Our Server Administrators can handle VPS aspects like Creation of VPS and users can work with VPS operations like Start, Stop and more. WeboDesk support team is responsible to handle Virtualizor Server and XEN, OpenVZ or KVM slave. WeboDesk, Tech Savvies know exactly how to Setup and carry out Virtualizor Server Management Service.

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Virtualizor Server Management

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Customer-Centric Panel to Manage Virtual Machine.

Virtualizor Server Management for efficient management of Virtual Machines.
Virtualizor ManagementVirtualizor ManagementVirtualizor Management
Virtualizor Server Management


VPS Operations Management

We handle VPS creation, customization, reboot, backup, data migration, restoration and more, along with security audits and log analysis Without Downtime.

Apt OS Installations

WeboDesk Server Management Team install the valid and new version OS for your server through any method, abiding to what is instructed by your host.

Server Optimization

We perform Server Optimization by improving site speed and reducing load time, for efficient performance, along with Master and Slave Server Management.

Security Patches

Get your server updated regularly with new version of Security Patches for upping server security, reliability and stability to fight against any Network Vulnerabilities.

Seamless Migration

Our experts will execute problem-free migration from one server to another, with no data loss and least or No Downtime.

Minimum Response Time

At WebODesk, you will experience minimum response time of 60 minutes and Resolution Time of 24 hours, for the tickets raised.

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